Hey, YOU. Get Up and GOTV!

We've marched, we wrote letters, we've signed a million petitions. NOW it's REALLY time to get to work, HELP GOTV. Phone bank, Knock Every Door; donate to help with last minute field efforts.
If you can, Vote EARLY. Then use the time from now until November 6 to GET OUT THE VOTE!

Blue America members voted last week to send $5,000 checks to Kara Eastman (NE), James Thompson (KS) and Kendra Fershee (WV), none of whom are front-runners and each of whom is running a tough uphill battle. I love that kind of direction from our members. It shows real heart and real spirit.

Thanks everyone who voted! That came out of the PAC itself. Then there’s the Independent Expenditure Committee. We can’t give that money away. We have to spend it. So we are.

How do you like this Kara Eastman ‘Get-Out-The-Vote’ ad Matthew Grimm created for us?

It’s not an ad meant to persuade anyone to do anything but come out and vote. And it’s not an ad we’re directing towards the general public– it’s just being targeted towards progressive voters. Because that’s what we want… progressive voters going to the polls a week from Tuesday. (This means YOU!)

Right now Matthew is creating versions of the ad for the other progressive candidates the DCCC has refused to back. Yeah, they want us to all unify behind their shit— and I mean shit— candidates while they refuse to help men and women like Randy Bryce, Kara Eastman, Ammar Campa-Najjar, Mike Siegel, James Thompson, J.D. Scholten, Jess King… all of whom have better chances to win than many of the GOP-lite shitheads the DCCC is spending huge amounts of money on.

So here’s our ask this week. Let us know a candidate you want to see one of these ads deployed for.

We’ll do it for one more besides Randy and Kara who are already up and running.

Goal Thermometer

This is how to let us know. The “Abandoned By The DCCC” thermometer on the right…

Tap on that baby, then give $20.18 to a candidate you want us to run an ad for. The candidate who gets the most $20.18 “votes” will wind up with several thousand dollars worth of ads.

If you want to vote for more than one candidate, give each one $20.18. This is easy to do. But don’t mistakenly take $20.18 and split it between all the candidates because then we won’t know who you are voting for.

I think this is going to be our last ask for the cycle. So… thanks for all you’ve already done and, please, if you’ve been waiting to give at the very end– now’s the time.

Thanks for always doing what you can to make a better world.

Howie, for the entire Blue America team


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