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Don’t Send Flowers

Howie says thanks for all the love and requests on where to send flowers since he started chemo, but he's asked me to suggest something else instead.

Contest! Sinatra and…South Dakota?

It's Blue America contest time again and that means you have a chance to own a piece of rare, very collectible music history... and helping to elect a more Progressive Congress at the same time!

$1,000 Matching Fund– Why Shenna?

Digby, John and Howie did not expect to send this note out today. They planned a sabbatical until after the first quarter rush was over Tuesday. But… we got an offer we couldn't refuse-- and one I hope you won't be able to either.


If you haven't entered the contest yet, you have 'til noon PT/3 ET here: But the real purpose of this post is to remind you of what we're up against-- all of us. The Koch brothers are already spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in Orlando to try to defeat Grayson with their regular complain of smears and lies. "Vicious, fraudulent negative ads. Money to burn. Who could that possibly be? Can you guess?" Grayson asked last week.

Tea Party Truth Squad asks, “TIGER WOODS & JOHN BOEHNER: What Do They Have In Common?”

John Boehner and Tiger Woods.

They’re golf partners... But that’s not all they have in common...

PLEDGE TO AMERICA’S BILLIONAIRES: Rove, Murdoch, Koch Brothers Recite the GOP’s Pledge!!!

TEA PARTY TRUTH SQUAD's daily video: PLEDGE TO AMERICA'S BILLIONAIRES by Blue America/Americans for America

Tea Party Truth Squad video of the day – TEA PARTY ECONOMIC BRAINTRUST: Nit Wits & Hypocrites

Latest "Tea Party Truth Squad" Video, TEA PARTY ECONOMIC BRAINTRUST: Nit Wits & Hypocrites

Billy Kennedy: Tax Cuts For The Middle Class/Virginia Foxx: Tax Cuts For The Wealthiest 3%, by Howie Klein, crossposted at DWT

Earlier today we asked you to consider helping us get our Virginia Foxx ad on TV in northwestern North Carolina. Several people have asked me to contrast Foxx with the Democrat running for the seat she presently occupies, Billy Kennedy, one of

Would You Like To Help Retire Hatemonger Virginia Foxx? by Howie Klein, crossposted at DWT

It's very nice that Illinois Republican Rep. Aaron Schock works out in a gym and wears lavender blouses and chartreuse belts, and it's a step forward-- I think-- that California Republican Rep. David Dreier no longer even bothers to pretend and is

Why Are Republicans Blocking Middle Class Tax Cuts? by Howie Klein

Why Are Republicans Blocking Middle Class Tax Cuts? by Howie Klein

Today’s Left Jab Video: Monday Night Teabaggers!

Today's Leftjab video: Monday Night Teabaggers: Senate 2010 Team

Blue America is