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Blue America Talks To Sam Bennett

  Last night we posted Pennsylvania Democratic candidate Sam Bennett's favorite song and maybe there's too much room for interpretation to get the id

Chris Shays says the Surge is WORKING! Please support Blue America’s Jim Hines

 Is there any more of a reason to get "Blogger Rage" Shays outta here and support Jim Himes? Check his performance out on PBS's the News Hour. You go

Blue America’s 5$ Day for Jim Himes to oust Chris Shays

Rep. Chris "Blogger Rage" Shays makes no sense, but that's not surprising. Read this quote and ask me WFT he means:

Shays, R-Conn., said he rese

Cash Talks: Blue America Rocks!

 Blue America '08 has been rocking and I want to thank everyone who has donated so far. Please donate if you can, even if it's 5.00...

Kos: "The go

Let’s Call This A “Housewarming Gift”…

How about helping out with a nice, little housewarming gift for Karl Rove?

We just had a great candidate on for Blue America who is running to repl

Blue America Welcomes Jim Himes

(Guest Blogged by Howie Klein)

Jim Himes is our Blue America candidate today. We're trying to help him overcome rubber stamp Republican incumbent Ch

Blue America Welcomes Jon Powers

(guest blogged by Howie Klein)

Last night Iraq war vet and western New York congressional candidate Jon Powers was our special guest host at the Lat

Blue America Speaks With Donna Edwards

  This afternoon, 2pm EST, Donna Edwards will make her Blue America live debut. She's the best of the best-- a brilliant, energetic, compassionate an

Tom Allen Says Thanks For Your Support

Down With Tyranny:

Many bloggers decided to alert the public of the Lieberman/Collins/K Street love triangle, and, at the same time, urge concerned

Rolling in the “Mud”

I'm wondering if on his application for TIME, Mudcat, who works for the John Edwards campaign---checked the box marked YES to " attack liberal blogger

Blue America talks to Tom Allen

Today's Blue America guest at Firedoglake will be Congressman Tom Allen.

When Howie talked to him a few days ago in preparation for the live blog ses

John Laesch Vlogging With Blue America Now

Our second Blue America function today will be a fun one. At 4:00pm Eastern / 1:00pm Pacific, Howie Klein and the Chicago blogosphere will interview

Blue America is